Artist Feature: Amador Vallina

Vamos Mallorca, Octubre 2010, p. 34-35

The artist


Amador Vallina


His main subjects are informel, abstract and non-referential paintings on canvas and paper, but also monotypes, original prints and sculptures of steel, wood and paper.


Vallina specializes in creating rich surfaces, textured to sculptural reliefs by using multiple layers in mainly earthy shades. He not only uses typical artistic materials for his compositions like pigments and acrylics but sands, ashes, rust, plants, bones and - sometimes entire animals. Dead animals which he found, like a dried moorish gecko, a skeleton of a rat or a over driven and therefore plane little bird. It is not to provoke the viewer. He makes them alive in his "natural" creations.


Amador Vallina, born in 1957 in El Entrego, Asturias, Spain, moved  at the beginning of the 70th to Germany. Since 1999 he also works in his second studio on Mallorca.


His artwork has been shown in many group and solo exhibitions in Europe and can be found in collections in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, UK, USA and Denmark ...


Initially Vallina worked figuratively. Today his work is principally abstract and informal. The texture the form and the darkness have importance in quite of his creations. The experimentation in his work is of eternal witness.