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Weisdale Mill



Shetland Inseln / Vereinigtes Königreich



"His work is unashamedly uncompromising. Vallina seems to identify with the organic quality of materials, in the way that the artistic process becomes a natural process. His means of expression is textural and includes many non-artistic materials and processes.
As with his fellow countryman Antoni Tápies, a Catalan but an artist who is an obvious reference for Vallina, the materials he uses are taken to extremes. These materials speak just as materials do in nature, in the cliffs, the ground, the plants and the seashore. We can say that his work honestly imitates nature, not in representational terms but in the true use of the word "abstract" and in natural processes. They begin to look like bits of the real world around us."

Peter Davis

Lage: 60.26005239603376,-1.2882542610168457

Geo-Koordinaten: 60° 15′ 36.36″ N, 1° 17′ 17.16″ W

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